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On this page you can quickly create a Facebook like (or like button) for your website for free. Use the form below and paste the code in your website where you want to place the Facebook like button.

√ Works on all websites
√ No coding knowledge required, simply copy and paste the code
√ For free (now and in the future)

When visitors read interesting content on your website, they will not return automatically. Maybe they would like to, but in most cases no proper tools are provided to easily follow a website. We therefore offer you the like generator to easily add a Facebook like button to your website.

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What is a Facebook like button?

A like button is a button on your website, which allows visitors to like your Facebook page. This way, you make it easy for visitors to like your website and to keep following future articles.

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Users expect from a website that they have a Facebook page, which allows them to be easily kept up-to-date. More and more websites therefore choose for a like button on the website, which makes it easy to add a like.

Why a Facebook like button?

Having a like button on your website offers several advantages. First, you make it easy for visitors to find your Facebook page and to like it. You must understand that Internet users are generally lazy and therefore do not usually waste any energy to follow a website.

If someone likes your Facebook page, their friends can see it too. This way you’ll have more chance to get even more likes. The more likes you have, the more visitors you get and the more success you’ll have with the website. This is a good reason to add a Facebook like button to websites.

What is a Facebook like button generator?

With the Facebook like button generator, you can easily install the like button html code on your website. All you have to do is enter your details. Next, a piece of code is generated which you can paste into your website. The big advantage of this is that it works on all websites, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge, and it is free. Its great to have a website tool, to fix problems like add a Facebook like button.

Should You Embed Facebook Like Button On Your Website?

Facebook is practically synonymous with the blue thumbs-up icon that represents the Like button now, which makes it easy for users to make the association. This is also one of the reasons why embedding the Like button into your website is a great idea. Not only will it make your site more accessible, it also helps to build a little credibility among your visitors.

Embedding The Like Button

When you want to embed Facebook’s Like button in your website, the steps are simple and straightforward. All you really need to do is copy the URL of the page where you want the button to be placed, use Facebook’s Like button configurator, and then copy the code generated in the HTML of the page you are targeting. It literally doesn’t get any easier than that.

Why Embed The Like Button

So, what are the benefits of actually embedding the Like button into your website? There are several, but the main ones include enabling you to gauge the interest of your users, potentially improving the visibility of your website, and getting the chance to make some impact on Facebook itself.

For the first benefit, the Like button will tell you just how many people cared enough about the content to show their approval. Not everyone will do that, which makes it easier to make the distinction.

The visibility of your website also improves because the Like button makes your page and site more exposed to the friends of the users who clicked. It’s not guaranteed to happen every time, but it’s a chance worth taking and has proven fruitful for others in the past.

Finally, Facebook keeps careful track of the websites that it associates itself with and a website that gets a lot of Like is definitely going to have improved odds of getting a payday. Facebook is rapidly catching up with Google for paying out ad revenue to outside parties and that may be something you want to get a cut from.

Who Is The Like Button For?

Okay, so now you know what the Like button can do for you and how you can embed the feature in your website. The next question you need to ask yourself is whether or not the effort was even worth it. You have to look at your audience and consider whether or not they even want this kind of feature. For more casual, youthful visitors, it’s definitely a must. For more professional visitors, not so much.

Create a facebook like button to increase the chances of social media exposure. It will be easier for readers to share your blog when you have a facebook like button on your website. The FB like button works on all websites and it is easy to create. Just copy and paste the code and there is no coding knowledge required. It does not require any fee because it is free.

The facebook like button is a special feature that enable the users to like a status, photos, comments, links, videos, pages and ads. Bloggers and website owners can participate more in facebook with this feature. Facebook users and website visitors can also have more participation by liking and sharing the website’s content on facebook. It is easy to create a facebook like button. Just simply copy and paste the code on the space or page where you want to put the button.

Why Your Etsy Business Needs A Facebook Page?

As of August 2020, Facebook had 2.7 billion active monthly users. With such a massive number of users, I can guarantee you that your potential client is on Facebook.

Therefore, having a Facebook page is a good idea because it allows you to connect and interact with your target audience. Using Facebook, you can create brand awareness, build a loyal fan base that can help with your Etsy ranking, and even spy on your competition by watching their Facebook page.

Make it easy for your web traffic to find and connect with you on Facebook by adding a Facebook like button on your website. You can use our Facebook like button generator to do this in minutes.